You can chat with anyone who knows me if you want an opinion or two


Retired LT, / Deputy Sheriff

"As a 48 yr amputee, I have experiences in all facets of prosthetics. From Exoskeletal to endo. I have worked with Alan for 25+ of these years. his expertise in research & development and hands on every day issues, makes him valuable asset to the industry in O&P"


Contractor / Grandpa

"I met Alan 3 years after my amputation and wish I would have met him prior.. I was in the wrong product and a bad socket. Thank god Alan found me. In the past 4 years I have felt better and have been in less pain than I could ever imagine.  Alan is a compassionate professional and current on what is best for his patients." "The new leg is great, The sleeves are a game changer, I couldn't be happier, thank you so much" Dec-2023


Construction /  Crane Company

"Alan helped solve some issues I had been suffering with for years. I was so happy he made my year. I am pain free and not in fear of my leg falling off when I race in a competition."


Owner / Wrench Monkey Garage Inc

"I met Alan while dealing with an issue with my prosthesis. Alan listened, observed and solved what others had spent almost two years on. I will always be a friend & client!"



"Alan has worked with me several times to make adjustments, provide guidance & education and advise me on what he thinks will work for me.  He has resolved several problems and made himself available to see me the next day.  If you are lucky enough to work with him, consider it a blessing"

Dr Ron

Lasik / Retired

"I met Alan in 1997/8. I found he could/would make suggestions to my socket fit that helped me. His wide range of technological knowledge makes him very valuable and a great asset"


Ex Military / Dad & Husband

"My wife is so happy when she sees me get excited about my prosthetic. I can't stop talking about it. Thank You Alan" Dec 2023


CMP-Owner Z-Land Inc / 2x Hockey Hall of Fame Team Inductee & Award Winning Author

"As a 35+ year amputee. Alan challenged me to stand up straight as his customer. His passion aligned with his proven knowledge makes him an expert and valued friend"

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