Top Class Service for Lower Limb Users

Bulldog Tools

These are an important part in my life and business. Quality components and a family run business. You cannot beat a relationship with a company like this.

Quality and made in the USA


Lower limb prosthetic service specialist.

To give top class prosthetic options and choices to the beneficiary. No stone will be left unturned to help you feel the way you should and deserve.


The challenge is to do and be the best.

If we aim to achieve the same things, we both win.

Let's get to the top together.


To get you where you want to be.

Satisfaction and bring a smile to your face is my main goal. I am happy when you are happy.

Most Companies allow a trial on products

Let me know what you want and if it's appropriate, I'll make the calls

Other services

On Staff Soon: Advisory Physical Therapist.

AJK - "My whole life has been geared to one thing outside of my family. Lower Limb Prosthetics!"

           Otto Bock - OssurProteor- Bulldog Tools - Willow Wood - Fillauer - Coyote  

Are just a few of the major companies we utilize

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