Advanced Joint Kinetics LLC Lower Limb Specialist

 Prosthetic Care & Consultant

Prosthetic Care with Commitment

The First in our area to travel to YOU.

Quality prosthetic care is paramount in this company. Most components available in the prosthetic world market place are able to be used, but we will not compromise safety. We can talk openly and with honesty on what you think and what you would like. I can give you the opportunity to make decisions from my years in the field and my experiences with countless products. Subject to coverage, rest assured, we will do what we can. Home to Home visiting for your comfort.

Full Range of Prosthetic Services

Thinking Outside The Box

It's important never to lose focus, but we have to use our minds and do this sometimes outside that box.

Communication for Clarification

We talk, we disagree, we agree, we understand our options and move forward together. 

Working Together

We both win if we both work at it together. It's the only way to success.


Move your body to the next level

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